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Bostik Flexible Tanking System - Budget

Bostik Flexible Tanking System - Budget

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BOSTIK FLEXIBLE TANKING SYSTEM is a multi-component system consists of a surface primer to ensure good adhesion to the substrate; a grey flexible waterproof coating to prevent the passage of moisture and super strong polyester matting to reinforce seams in joints around wall floor junctions and where piping enters and exits the wet zone. BOSTIK FLEXIBLE TANKING SYSTEM provides a seamless, durable protective membrane to inhibit the passage of moisture from within the tiled area through to surfaces sensitive to the effects of prolonged water migration. The BOSTIK FLEXIBLE TANKING SYSTEM will bridge over fine cracks & joints whilst accommodating any slight movement or vibration likely to be encountered in well constructed, structurally stable floors, walls, showers and utility fittings Bostik Flexible Tanking Kit,DIY & Trade,Waterproofing and Seal Stops.

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